Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lovers

I have started several posts lately and just haven't finished them to post. Sorry about the silence!

Today I ran across some drawings by Raymond Peynet that I adore and had to post (see Pip's post over at Meet Me at Mike's). Raymond Peynet is a French artist born in 1908. Throughout his career as an artist, he developed two characters that have made him famous - 'Les Amoureux' or 'The Lovers.' Apparently he drew/painted over 6000 different images of this couple!! Very incredible. Here are a few I found on various web pages:

This first one is how I feel with My Lover Boy. This next one is pretty funny:

This last one is rather whimsical. I wish I could be floating gorgeous rivers like this every day. :-)

While searching for The Lovers online, I ran across another artist who drew a series of images for a wedding magazine using Raymond Peynet for inspiration. Her name is Heather Moore; she has a blog which I am getting ready to check out! Enjoy:

Vignette 4 by skinnylaminx.

Vignette 3 by skinnylaminx.
One more!

Vignette 2 by skinnylaminx.

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  1. Fun, fun, fun. I'm glad to see you post again...I really like reading them! What have you been doing lately?