Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recently, I endeavored to make a string of triangle-shaped flags. Dave joked that all he could think of was a used car lot as I was describing the project, hehe. Well, I found out that these flags are often called "bunting." Henceforth, I have not been able to think about the marvelous craft without thinking of this little fellow:

(Indigo Bunting)

Card stock + pencil for pattern
Assortment of fabrics (from your stash or cut up clothes in your Goodwill pile)
Pinking shears
Bias tape or ribbon (I used 4 spools of 1/2", 18' long ribbon)

The pattern is a no-brainer. But here are the dimensions I used: 9 1/2" x 8".

I used scrap fabric that I had in my stash in addition to cutting up some clothes that were destined for the Goodwill. The result was a wonderful variety of fabrics with lots of character. (Some triangles ended up with lace or buttons, etc). I enjoy looking at the bunting and remembering the memories I made while wearing this skirt or that shirt. Cutting them up enabled me to form even more memories with those garments. :)

Cut tons of triangles with your pinking shears. Hopefully you'll have nicer ones than those I used... They dulled before the project was finished. A new pair is definitely on my shopping list for the near future.

I used 25 triangles for each 18' ribbon. (25 x 8" = 200"; 18' = 216") The additional 16" were used for triangle spacing as well as to form a loop both ends of each strand for ease of hanging. I triple enforced this loop because I used the bunting while camping 4 days at a music festival, so I did not want wind, rain, or wandering drunks to knock it down...

Iron the ribbon such that it is folded in half. Lay out your triangles to get a random placement. Then just stack the triangles and sandwich them into the ribbon as you sew. I did not pin at all. Super, super easy & lazy.

Couple of pictures of the bunting hanging in our campsite. They really made our site easy to find among the others. And sometimes such a small thing as this can really add a lot of cheer to a space...


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