Monday, February 2, 2009


It's snowing outside, and I cannot stay focused. I have a test tomorrow on the developmental milestones of pediatrics (gross motor, fine motor, oral motor, etc)... While this is a very enthralling subject, I am finding way too many distractions to get into. I would love to count on having a snow day tomorrow, but I know I will not be fortunate enough to have that happen two weeks in a row... Plus I get next week off of school (except Thursday) because all of my professors will be in Vegas at the national APTA conference. yay!!

So anyway, I figured I would write an update about Dave. I think it has been an emotional couple of days for the both of us because we realize just how fortunate we are that his injuries weren't as severe as they could have been. But at the same time, that does not lessen the pain and frustration he's experiencing. He saw an orthopedic NP today who seemed to be rather knowledgeable. She says his back will heal with conservative treatment. I don't understand how exactly because the bone will not reattach... but he didn't ask all the questions I would have. haha... Maybe I'll get to go to his next appointment and get the whole scoop on the matter.

Time to get back to my studies. I'll post something more crafty soon!!

~ Terisa

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