Sunday, February 1, 2009

Painting Voodoo??

Yesterday, my boyfriend and his sister (Dave and Ellen) went skiing/snowboarding at Timberline in WVa. I was working at the Youth Development Center and couldn't go. But I was thinking about them all morning, so when it was craft time with the kids I decided to paint a picture of Dave skiing. I painted him going off a jump toward two trees despite a caution sign...

So I get a phone call from his sister at about 4:00. I knew it wasn't good because I knew they should be on the slopes until 4:30... She said she was following an ambulance with Dave in it. Apparently, he was going over a jump too fast and landed wrong, so he slid off the trail toward two trees. His skis hit one, which caused his back to slam into the other one... In the ER, they determined that he broke his back. He has displaced transverse process fractures from L1-3 (and maybe 4) on the Left. Fortunately that's all it was - no neurological damage.

He is going to an orthopedic doctor on Monday, hopefully. But now, he's in a bunch of pain - he has the most trouble sitting/laying down and standing up... And he's definitely getting the royal treatment (including breakfast in bed - pork roll, egg, and cheese!!).

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  1. mmhhmm, so will you be doing another drawing like this again? hehe