Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chicken with White Wine & Garlic Sauce

Tonight when I was prepping dinner, I decided to document it and post the recipe on here... if it can be considered a recipe with all of it's imprecisions (I'm a wing-it kind of cook). It's completely fool proof and absolutely delicious!!

Start with boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Pound them until they are very thin. I like to use plastic wrap or wax paper to protect them while I wail away at them! It can be a very noisy, but satisfying affair!

Collect up all your other ingredients: a couple of garlic cloves (i used 3 large ones for 2 breasts), salt (i love my sea salt!), olive oil, and your choice of robust white wines (I'm not a wine person, so I'm not sure if robust is a correct term, hah).

Warm a decent amount of the oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the pressed garlic, and cook until golden brown. At that point, you'll add some salt (maybe pepper) and the chicken.

Above is what it will look like just before you flip it. And this is what it will look like after you flip:

When the chicken is done, you want to add a generous amount of wine (roughly 3/4 inch covering the bottom of the pan). Continue to cook until the wine cooks down into a wonderful sauce - be careful not to let it go too long or else your sauce will cook down too much.

This is what mine looked like when I decided it was done:

I decided to make rice with herbs and steamed carrots to go with the chicken. I definitely drizzled the wine sauce over the rice and carrots! You can serve with whatever you fancy!


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