Monday, April 6, 2009

Late Night Experimentation

This weekend, Dave "surprised me" with an after-dark experiment. He bought fluorescent light bulbs and said we were going to perform a "top secret" experiment in the woods about 45 minutes away... My curious mind probed him for more details, resulting in the disclosure that "electromagnetic fields" would be involved. Obviously, I then figured out that we would be driving to a big electrical tower to see if the electricity in the air (aka: the wasted energy!!) would light up the bulbs... Here are the results, see how bright he is lit up?!?!

just kidding, i forgot to turn the flash off!

a "T" for Terisa :-) ... still pretty bright.

Playing with the shutter speed.

15 second shutter speed.

AND, here is a video of the occasion; enjoy!!!

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