Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Purple Wednesday

Today I have been so tired! Last night I finished the neck warmer. AND I was up to 1am trying to finish my purse. But I didn't, so I woke up at 6am to finish before class because my friend, Sarah, said she HAD to see it before Easter Break. Soooo, I'm making a short story long: I was a slacker today on picture-taking. I took about 2 purple pics before my camera batteries died... So, I combed the 1million "purple" pictures on flickr to bring you the best (haha). Maybe tomorrow I'll redeem myself [and put up pics of the purse I'm so proud of].

1. Deep Purple, 2. purple haze, 3. Purple Haze, 4. Violet is the new Purple, 5. Purple Moon, 6. Soft purple, 7. Purple Rose (of Cairo), 8. Purple Heart (Purpurhjerte), 9. purple sweet potato dessert, 10. Pinky / Purple Roof, 11. Flying Purple People Eater, 12. jus'surrounded by little damp purple berries!

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