Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I have been wanting to make a terrarium for a good while now, so naturally I was very excited when I stumbled upon these adorable, tiny ones today by Gnome Homes. The containers are just brilliant and only 4 inches tall. I might just be inspired to make some one of these days...

Also, I found this Shepherd's Pie recipe for ramekins. Now I really want to buy some cool ones because I feel that Shepherd's Pie would taste so much better in the single-serving presentation! But for now, I simply printed the recipe to add to my new recipe book!!

I made it with random colors of card stock from my scrapbooking supply so that I can just paste recipes in as I get them. I like this because it gives me lots of versatility. I will be able to keep all the recipes in the original form and handwriting of the person who gave them to me! Other full-page recipes can simply be hole-punched. And others, like the one above, can be tied in with the giver's ribbon. It will be quite the collection in time, I'm sure of it!

1 comment:

  1. Those terrariums look epic. Are those mushrooms even real?

    BTW, let me cop a few of those recipes. I'm sure you have some good southern cookin' ideas in there!