Monday, May 4, 2009

Caught Red Handed.

If any of you out there happen to be reading my blog on Google Reader *ahem, Sarah*, you will notice that a couple repeat or random blogs have shown up over the past few days. As I mentioned, I have been playing around with Flickr as well as with other Blogger features. This is definitely a trial and error process. Tonight I finally figured out how to receive notifications via email when people post comments on my blog. :-D Unfortunately, Google Reader does not purge itself of the posts I delete, so I am not able to be quite as sly as I would like!

But I highly recommend Google Reader for the management and ease of reading the blogs you consistently follow. It is so much easier than checking each one individually each day, plus you can star posts that you want to refer back to later, which is quite handy! :-) It is really easy to figure out, but if anyone needs help feel free to ask.

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