Monday, May 11, 2009

Simple Spring Scarf

I have been wanting to start incorporating scarfs into my outfits moreso than just knitted and crocheted winter scarfs... So, today I was cleaning out a closet and found an entire bolt of the most perfect fabric hanging out. These are the qualities that make it perfect: $1/yard, loosely knit cotton with no wrong side. It literally only took me 15 minutes to cut it into a 36 inch square and fringe the perimeter.

I'm super-excited to make more....

I think the next one needs to be a bit bigger...

So I can start taking more liberties with wrapping/wearing techniques!

'Twas perfect for today's chilly weather. :-)



  1. super are so creative and smart! it looks great on you to, by the way!

  2. very lovely dear- what interesting fabrics you have stashed away...