Monday, May 4, 2009

Shopping List

Dave and I are planning on going on our first real backpacking trip around May 13. Since it is our first time, we are starting out with just 2 days and about 17 miles. Despite what you may think, backpacking is relatively expensive initially. We already have most of the things we need: backpacks, sleeping bags, tent.. all light-weight of course! But here is the proposed spending over the next 2 weeks in preparation:

Also, Dave's brother is getting married on Saturday, May 23. It is going to be pretty fancy, I believe. So I am going to make a dress for the occasion. Of course, I have never made an evening gown / cocktail dress + I am not using a pattern. SO, I am at least going to give it my best try and see how it goes. Here is my inspiration: it is the Neiman Marcus "Sweetheart Silk Crepe Gown" and sells for $510. Imagine if I am successful at this?!?!!

I love the twisted cap sleeves.

I am planning on making the V in the back deeper so as to avoid putting in a long, concealed zipper. And I will make it just below knee-length. I am excited/nervous to undertake this with no previous experience. Any suggestions are definitely welcome!


  1. That is so awesome that you are going to make a dress...the 23rd is a good day. (my b-day) I hope to one day be able to make some sort of clothing...perhaps a simple dress for Kaylee. I'm not to swell at the sewing thing yet, but I do enjoy it. What color are you making the dress...the same as the picture? I'm sure it will be awesome, you are a very good crafter. (yes, I made that word up...I think.)

  2. i am not sure which color? i am going to the fabric store tomorrow!! perhaps a smokey gray or who knows... any suggestions?