Monday, May 4, 2009

Drippy Day

It has been rainy all day long; it has drizzled, down-poured, rained cats and dogs, etc. Despite the soppy-ness of the situation, I decided to venture out for a walk. I wore my completely waterproof rain jacket, but I didn't put the hood up. I wanted my hair to get all wet with the cool misty rain that was coming down at the time. The greens of the land were so much greener with the fresh coating of water. Ah, so nice. Along my walk, I passed this lovely older woman who was carrying a clear umbrella (cute, cute, cute). She says to me, "I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one out walking." And I felt my insides soar. Such a small bit of common ground, yet so hard to come-by as there really was no one else out walking. :-D My wet head (haha, yes I took a picture):

I figured I would also use this rainy day to post a few pictures of the make-up bag I made a few weeks ago. I made it with an adorable turtle print that I couldn't pass by at the local fabric store! The inside is lined with rip-stop nylon, so that I can just wipe the inside clean at any time if need be. It is my first attempt at anything of the kind, and I am quite delighted with how it turned out. My inspiration was derived from Pink Penguin's "Stylish Pen Case."

While I did not use her tutorial, I feel that it would be quite appropriate for someone who is not comfortable with making their own patterns. :-) It can be found by clicking the link above. Below are a few pictures of my creation!

If there is any interest, perhaps I could be easily talked into making a tutorial for this make-up case as it is different than Pink Penguin's. I plan to make another (smaller) one soon for my friend, Marina, who has requested that I do so.

More pictures can be found at the flickr site I created this weekend. I made it in an attempt to post bigger picture over here on blogger without losing the clarity of the photos. Dave explained to me that if the pictures are saved/hosted by a different website, it is less info that blogger has to save; therefore, the higher resolution can be preserved. Even if that is not correct reasoning/understanding on my part, I know that it worked! So I am happy. :-D

Just to draw this out a bit more: I have had a couple questions regarding my camera. It is definitely nothing fancy. I use a Canon PowerShot A590. It was cheap (right at $100). But for a "point and shoot" camera, it actually has manyof the typical manual settings. I hope to get a much nicer camera at some point - perhaps when I dig myself out of this college debt? hehe.


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  1. Beautiful pouch! You've done a great job attaching bias tape to the zipper! Thanks for putting up my link ;)