Monday, March 23, 2009

Playing Hookie or Being Shrewdly Productive?

In the last week, I have skipped multiple classes - 5 to be precise. One would be inclined to think that I am a complete slacker because skipping doctoral classes is usually not considered wise. I like to think that I am just keenly aware of my demands and am able to discerningly prioritize them. For example, I felt that an extra 2 hours of sleep was very prudent compared to sitting through 2 classes that I probably would haven't paid attention to this morning. So this afternoon, I took advantage of my restfulness and went to Handley Library to study for my pediatrics exam tomorrow (I missed 3 lectures worth of material that will be covered on the test, hehe). Did I mention that in a way, skipping class invigorates me and makes me feel very sly?! ;-)

It is such a gorgeous, old library. Maybe next time I will take a picture of the exterior..

I love the creaky spiral stairs and the calming paint colors!!

So, I am now home, eating my little dinner of tangerines and whole wheat bread with Vermont Sharp Cheddar and hand-ground Amish almond butter! Such a delight. I'm planning on being in bed by 10:30 so I can get up in the morning early enough to walk the 2 miles to school for my test. :-D

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