Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A time to sow...

I am so excited to read that, for the first time since Eleanor Roosevelt's "Victory Garden" during WWII, the White House will have a vegetable/fruit/herb garden!! When I heard this bit of news, I wondered why there hadn't been a garden at the White House since the 1940s?! Almost 70 years have gone by since a leader of this nation has set an example of how practical and how financially, environmentally, and nutritiously responsible gardening is. Apparently, back when Roosevelt's "Victory Garden" movement was in full swing, 40% of our nation's produce was independently grown by everyday folk - doctors, businessmen, farmers, etc. How awesome would it be to revive this movement. I am so excited. I found this short video by Roger Doiron about the history of gardening at the White House online:

The Garden of Eatin': A Short History of America's Garden from roger doiron on Vimeo.

The Obama's garden will be active year-round, with season-appropriate crop-rotation. It will be 1,100 square feet and include bee hives for honey!!! Here is the layout:

Pictures of Michelle Obama breaking ground with local elementary students can be see here. My grandpa would not have voted Obama into the White House, but I know he sure would have been proud to hear about the planting of a garden. On that bittersweet note, I am happy to be moving home this summer for my clinical rotation, but I sure will miss gardening with my grandpa. He always called me "Terisa June" and introduced me to others as "My Best Bean Picker."

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  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my blog. :) I was so excited to see it! I am still working on my blanket. It is going to take forever because it is so big, but I like doing it. I am not able to work on it every day, but I do some when I can. I want to learn other stitches too. The neck warmers sound fun. I'd love to craft with you more too. That one day was so much fun...even if your boyfriend did try to ruin it by breaking his back. :)