Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ready & Waiting

Tomorrow Sarah and I are going to make heating pads and neck warmers filled with flax seed. I was able to pick up a 50 lb. bag at a local feed store for just $34.

So tonight, I did a bit of prep work. Just measured out some of the seed and put it in plastic containers. I put in Lemon Eucalyptus oil at a ratio of 2 drops: 1 cup of seed.

Pretty quick and easy. The fun will come tomorrow night! I sketched out what I'm thinking in terms of patterns. They are not to scale, and I had to use a highlighter because pencil wouldn't show up on camera. For the large heating pad, I am going to sew "chambers" of the flax so that the heat will be more even and easier to position for use.

For the neck warmers, I am going to shape them so that it will cover the top of my neck (the base of the occiput) because that is where my neck pain typically is. It, too, will have chambers, allowing the seed to actually warm all the way up my neck without just pooling in the ends. I will include a button tab closure for ease of wearing around the house and because I think it will be cute, cute, cute!!

I love seeing tutorials on the blogs I follow, so maybe I will make one for this project if all goes well! I already have a guy friend at school wanting me to help him make one for his wife's birthday. :-D

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  1. I am so excited to see your projects. The purse looks great...I can't wait to see it when it is done. I remember when you made me a purse...it was awesome. I want to get my sewing machine up and working so that I can try my hand at making one. I hope it works...if not, I can always send fabric your way, right?? :)